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Dig Into Ways of Knowing in Flow 2019 Summer Institute

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Saturday, July 27, from 9 AM to 5 PM, Antioch College will host its Summer Institute, Flow 2019: Ways of Knowing, a one-day odyssey into the intersections of Western academic knowledge and areas of knowledge from Indigenous people around the world. In four sessions, participants will be invited to engage with both scholars and Indigenous practitioners, exploring how centuries-old arts of music, dance, song, and martial arts can inform contemporary wellness practices. 

Sessions at Flow 2019 are:

  • Bobmba Music as Dance Therapy in the Caribbean/South Americas, led by Dr. Teofilio Espada-Brignoni of Antioch College, Dr. Frances Ruiz-Alfaro of the University of Puerto Rico, and Maria Teresa Ramos Gonzalez, a practitioner of creative and interactive therapy. Join in on music-making, discover your own form of self-expression through dance, or sit back and observe — participants in this session will have the chance to discuss the historical origins of Bomba music and how the art is used in contemporary therapeutic settings.
  • Lessons Learned: Native American Healing From Trauma, led by Dr. Richard Kraince of Antioch College and members of the Greater Cincinnati Native American Coalition. Better understand how Native American tribal nations are reclaiming the right to engage with their sacred sites and are working together to protect their spiritual freedoms in an intentional effort to promote healing and wellness among Indigenous communities. Participants will learn how traditional medicines in various forms have been used for millennia to safeguard well-being. This session will focus on the importance of ceremony in Native communities and discuss how cultural traditions like beadwork and storytelling are also considered powerful forms of medicine.
  • Ancestral Veneration and Oral Traditions in African Cultures, led by Dr. Kevin McGruder of Antioch College and neoancestrial artist Ken Obasi Leslie. Learn the importance of African peoples’ relationships with their ancestors and how it has been a central aspect of their identity formation, their resilience, and a critical aspect of maintaining and transmitting vital information. Connections will be drawn between present language, ancestral linguistics, and how mythology plays an important part in making sense of one’s world. Attendees will be invited to use the art of proverbs to access one’s own ancestor wisdom.
  • Destress and Reflect on Daily Live with Japanese Tea Ceremony, led by Dr. Lara Mitias of Antioch College, Tea Ceremony Practitioner Souchi Ishiu, and Dr. Tetsuya (Ted) Ishiu of Miami University. Attendees will have the honor of witnessing or participating in the complexity and beauty of a Japanese tea ceremony with a second-generation instructor, Souchi Ishiu, and discuss the historical and philosophical significance of this ancient Japanese ceremony as a path to enlightenment. 

Flow refers to experiencing the connections between our physical world and metaphysical phenomena. Being in the “flow” is where we seek to realize our full potential by expanding our understanding of the world beyond our lives as individuals and recognize how common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet help create a better and more peaceful world, thus creating an enhanced sense of awareness and wellbeing. At Flow 2019: Ways of Knowing, participants will be invited to reflect on their experience and how it can expand their own quality of life, and even how their wellness can transform the world.

Flow 2019: Ways of Knowing requires prior registration and a $40 fee. Register on our website. Lunch will be provided. All Flow 2019 workshops will take place on Antioch College’s campus in the Arts & Sciences Building room 202.

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