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Mary Evans ’20 Covers Aftermath of Dayton Shooting

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Mary Evans ’20 speaking at Antioch College’s Freedom to Vote rally on September 23, 2019. Watch Mary and other Antioch students’ speeches here.

In an article published on YR Media, Mary Evans ’20 interviews Dayton residents attending an informal town hall meeting at the Dayton Collaboratory after a mass shooting in Dayton’s Oregon District left nine dead and 27 wounded on August 4, 2019. Mary asked the Dayton residents about their personal connections and reactions as well as their hopes for change and the future of the city. Read the article and see portraits she took at YR Media’s website.

Writer and YR Media producer Shawn Wen reached out to Visiting Professor of Media Arts Catalina Alvarez and Brooke Bryan, chair of the Writing Program and assistant professor of Writing and Digital Literacy, looking for someone to take this assignment. Both thought of Mary as the right fit, and after discussing her background with YR Media, Mary secured the opportunity. Mary hopes to work with them again in the future, and adds, “Shout out to Brooke Bryan and Juliet Fromholt [of WYSO] for giving me the knowledge to accomplish things like this.”

Mary recently participated in the Antioch College Voices series. Watch her interview here.