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Notes From the Field: Luisa Bieri Rios

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Summer 2019

Notes From the Field is a series of updates from Antioch College faculty members about the travel and research they’ve conducted.



In addition to numerous other activities that I engaged in this summer, the Prison Justice Library continues to operate and expand its outreach. Recently, I did a complete overhaul to the Prison Justice Initiative’s website, a WordPress site created by a student in 2014-15 that I didn’t know existed until a few weeks ago. I’ve added new posts, new content, and images.

As you know, Jennifer Grubbs, visiting assistant professor of Anthropology, will be offering the Inside Out class this fall, which we are thrilled to bring back to our curriculum after the departure of Emily Steinmetz. Also, on our ongoing projects page, I highlighted the incredible work of our student/faculty research initiative and exhibit as part of the national project, States of Incarceration. I use the stories and data from this website in some of my classes — it’s an incredible example of our students’ engaged learning. 

One of the things we’re highlighting is the expanding efforts of the PJ Library, which you can view here.

I applied and received funding for a Miller Fellow position to support the PJI’s efforts in 2019-20, and I also began a partnership with members of the World House Choir who are assisting with the books-to-prisoners project on what we hope will become a regular weekly basis. 

Finally, I’m excited to support Mary Evans ‘19 in her Co-op this fall as she creates her newest radio project in collaboration with WYSO, Re-entry Radio. Stay tuned!