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Chef Erika Nakamura ’04, One of New York’s Best

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The New York Times interviewed the chefs and owners of more than two dozen of “New York City’s best restaurants” on the eve of The New York Times Food Festival.

Among those best chefs is Antiochian Erika Nakamura ’04.

Erika grew up in Tokyo and was a studio artist before entering the culinary world. Erika co-founded J+E SmallGoods—a wholesale sausage company—with partner Jocelyn Guest. The couple previously led White Gold Butchers in Upper Manhattan. 

Of their mission, J+E SmallGoods says:

We believe good meat shouldn’t be a privilege, it’s a right. We’ve dedicated our careers to supporting local family farms that raise animals the right way – with big space, clean water, good feed and respect. You shouldn’t have to support the industrial food supply just to enjoy a dang hot dog! We’re here to change the meat industry and more importantly, the relationship we have with where our food comes from.

The New York Times Food Festival will be held at Bryant Park on October 5 and 6, 2019.

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