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Shine Light on Karl Grossman ’64

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In a recent article published by The Independent (@indyeastend), Karl Grossman ’64 has been recognized for his 60-year career, working as a celebrated investigative reporter, esteemed East End columnist, popular author of six books on the threat of nuclear energy, and a noted documentarian and TV host – all of which, Grossman claims, happened entirely on accident.

“I was born in Brooklyn and raised in Queens and went to Andrew Jackson High, where I considered writing for the school paper, but it was run by a bunch of snobby girls who were like a clique. That turned me off. I was an Eagle Scout and in the 1950s on Eagle Scout Day you were ‘paired’ with someone in the field you thought you’d like to go into. My aim at the time was to become a college professor so I was paired with Queens College president Dr. John Theobold. I spent the day in part with him and in part dropping into classes meeting various professors and I really thought I’d probably become a professor.”

It wasn’t until the age of 19 that Grossman discovered his interest in Journalism while on a Co-op at Antioch College. Grossman spent three months working as a copy boy at the Cleveland Press. He recalls the motto that hung above the door: “Give light and the people will find their own way.”

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