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A Different Future

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The following is a submission to THINK ACT CONNECT, a platform to share action, inspiration, work, resilience, and justice

We are living through a major inflection point in history.

This means that when “normal life” resumes, the future won’t look or feel much like “the normal” we have been used to. Social and economic life will eventually recover and, in time, will thrive again, but many things will have changed. We will be living and working in a new landscape.

It is too soon to know what these changes will include and how far reaching they will be. Likely candidates for change include a massive, permanent shift to online working, education and healthcare delivery. There will be a complete rethinking of globalization and supply chains, with much manufacturing being re-shored and a massive increase in robot/automation investment and AI deployment.

Every day I try to think what this will mean for me as a mother, citizen, legislator, human. And what will be my part in making this future work for all of us.

As Lenin said, almost a century ago: “There are decades when nothing happens and there are weeks when decades happen.”

About Lisa Wellman '66

Lisa Wellman ’66 with Washington Governor Jay Inslee

Lisa Wellman is a member of the Antioch College Class of 1966. Wellman was elected to the Washington State Senate in 2016  (representing the 41st Legislative District) and serves as the Chair of the Early Learning & K-12 Education Committee, and sits on the Labor & Commerce Committee and the Environment & Technology Committee.

Wellman has a 25-year career in technology and marketing including executive level positions in Fortune 100 companies. A passionate advocate for education, Lisa began her career as a public school teacher but changed course in the 1980s becoming a systems analyst and programmer. She was recruited by Apple Computer to head up commercial publishing for the company’s U.S. markets. Her success with Apple in the 90’s led to her promotion as VP of Worldwide Publishing, Entertainment and New Media Markets.


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A platform for sharing action, inspiration, work, resilience, and justice