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‘a tacit agreement’ by Michael Casselli ’87 reviewed by AEQAI

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ÆQAI—a Cincinnati-based e-journal for critical thinking, review and reflective prose on contemporary visual art—has published a review written by Steve Kemple of Michael Casselli’s most recent exhibition ‘a tacit agreement’:

“A Dayton, Ohio living room has been converted into a simulation death chamber. Walkthrough the door and it hits you in the stomach: the smell of disinfectant and an uneasy superposition of the state and domicile. There is a gurney primed for lethal injection. You can see it through plexiglass picture windows in a newly constructed wall, enclosing a third of the gallery.”

Visual artist Michael Caselli is a graduate of the Class of 1987 and is the Chair of the Arts Division at Antioch College where he teaches sculpture and installation.

Watch the video below to see the exhibit and hear an interview with Michael.