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Monika Perry ’17 Writes About “The Affordable Eco-housing Revolution in Toledo, Ohio”

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In an article for Medium, Monika Perry ’17 explains that the construction of an off-grid home made with natural materials collected from the Collingwood Springs neighborhood in Toledo, Ohio has officially begun on April 4, 2020!

The home is being constructed by members of the Toledo Permaculture Network and several comrades, utilizing elements of permaculture design which “seek to harmonize with nature by replicating its patterns and using passive rather than extractive methods of harnessing the resources that help us to live comfortably”.

“We believe this may be the first project of this kind to be carried out in an urban environment. We hope this work will add to the conversation about alternative urban housing that we’ve seen ignited by the tiny home movement and more,” Monika writes.

This project is one that focuses on future anticipatory effects of climate change, foreseeing that Northwest Ohio will become a much desired place to live. Due to its geographical location, it will not be as affected by hurricanes, wildfires and flooding as other parts of the world. In case people move to Toledo, Ohio for refuge of these factors, the Toledo Permaculture Network would like to meet them with a hopeful new world.

Read “The Affordable Eco-housing Revolution in Toledo, Ohio” by Monika Perry ’17 on Medium.

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