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A Small Book of Horror: Quinn Ritzhaupt ’23 and Jacob Philip ’23 Continuing Co-op

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When planning for her Co-op, Quinn Ritzheupt ’23 knew that she wanted to pursue a project creatively and she wanted to find a way to combine two things which she feels very passionate about: her love for the history of Antioch and her love for horror stories.

She’d been thinking about creating a story, incorporating various structures found on Antioch’s campus – but in order provide a clearer image of the setting of her story, she called in the help of her classmate Jacob Philip ’23 (illustrator and artist extraordinaire). Together, they created their own self-designed and collaborative Co-op to create a small book of horror stories, with stories under 300 words each. Jacob will be illustrating—mostly in inkwork and spooky stuff—and Quinn will be writing.

“I’ve always loved horror and the history of Antioch,” says Quinn. “There’s some eerie things happening there, very Twilight Zone-esque. After hearing ghost stories from students and staff alike last quarter, I was interested in writing my own.” The book of horror stories will add to both Quinn’s and Jacob’s portfolios. With campus closed, their collaborative work will occur mostly virtually, but Quinn says, “the project itself hasn’t changed!”

Due to COVID-19 safety concerns, Quinn and Jacob are not able to go into some of the closed buildings on campus to gain inspiration for their book. Luckily, a number of alumni have assisted them by sending in their photos, but Quinn and Jacob are still looking for photos of the interior of Spalt, Sontag, and the old art building.

If you have any of these photos, please reach out to Antioch College’s Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, or send an email to Submissions will be forwarded to Quinn and Jacob to help them complete their project.