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Taming Anxiety During COVID-19

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Feels like a bad dream, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, this pandemic is the real thing, with countless disruptions to our lives and substantial threats to our health, safety, and livelihood. We’re all experiencing various combinations of upsetting and disturbing emotions, with anxiety being a common thread.

Anxiety is a completely normal and expected response to a crisis. To ensure our survival, our brains are wired to feel anxious when we encounter uncertainties and threats. You know, fight or flight.

During this health crisis, our anxiety protects us and keeps us alert so that we maintain physical distance, wash our hands often and for 20 seconds, and keep our hands off our faces. For those who are ill or without financial resources right now, appropriate anxiety motivates us to take action to find what we need to survive.

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About Robert Schwebel '70

Robert Schwebel, PhD, is a graduate of the Antioch College Class of 1970.

Schwebel is a psychologist specializing in couples and family issues and in the prevention and treatment of substance abuse, provides lectures and training sessions to professional and community audiences. He developed The Seven Challenges Program and has developed and directed prevention and counseling programs for schools as well as public and private agencies. He has published numerous articles and is the author of several books and is regularly called for comments and interviews by the national and local press.


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