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Chasing the Truth

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As President Donald Trump continues to attack the press, Columnist and Opinion Writer Denis Hamill has had enough. In an article posted by Indy East End, he writes:

“It doesn’t matter whether you like President Donald Trump or hate him, support his policies or oppose them. No president has the right to attack the press for asking legitimate, tough questions. In recent months I have profiled or written about great journalists like Nick Pileggi, Gay Talese, Karl Grossman, Robert Ward, Jimmy Breslin, and Pete Hamill in this space.”

Karl Grossman ’64 is an award-winning journalist and has for 41 years been a professor of journalism at the State University of New York College at Old Westbury. He was inspired to pursue journalism during his Co-op as an Antioch student at the Cleveland Press.

Hamill adds, “These giants did not spend their lives chasing the truth to be labeled fake, phony, and scum. None of the reporters or columnists, left, right, or neutral here at The Independent deliver phony stories to the readers.”

Read “Don’t Be Bullied, Journalists: Take S*** From Nobody” on The Independent / East Hampton Media Group website.