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Valerie Benedict ’18 Accepted to Medical School

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Valerie Benedict ’18 has been accepted to Michigan State Osteopathic Medical School, where she will begin her studies on June 15, 2020. Valerie is completing her Master’s degree in anatomy, with a research focus on immunology, at Wright State University this month.

Valerie says she chose Michigan State because she will be able to continue her research there and that 60% of the practicing primary care physicians in Michigan are graduates of this school and she hopes to carry on this tradition.

Valerie said that her co-op at Fidelity Health with Antioch alumna Dr. Abi Katz ’86 framed how she could contribute to her community as a physician and solidified her goal of becoming one. She is grateful to Dr. Katz for her support. She is also grateful to alumnus Dr. Donald Gronbeck ’02, the campus physician during her time at Antioch for continually encouraging her and providing unwavering support. Finally, she would like to give a shout out to Professors David Kammler and Scott Millen for the foundational groundwork that they laid in their classes.

Valerie with her classmates at her Commencement 2018. From left to right: Jamie Ramsey, Rowan Coburn-Griffis, Isabelle Segadelli, Valerie Benedict, Catalina La Mers-Noble, and Malka Berro.