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COVID-19-Themed Song Released by Ben London ’89

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Alcohol Funnycar, formed in Seattle in 1991 by Ben London ’89, has recently released a COVID-19 pandemic-themed song titled “Someday”.

The accompanying video features scenes shot in White Center and West Seattle, including mural art by Artist Andrew Schons, aka @Pazuzu810.

According to their Facebook Page:

“Alcohol Funnycar was an active band from 1990-1996. Alcohol Funnycar was a little out of step with the prevailing trade winds of Grunge instead forging a punk with melody combination reminiscent of Husker Du and the Replacements. The initial lineup consisted of guitarist/vocalist/songwriter London, ex-Love Battery bassist Tommy “Bonehead” Simpson, and drummer Buzz Crocker.”

They released their debut EP, Burn, in 1993 and established a melodic pop-punk approach “indebted to the early-‘80s Minneapolis scene (Husker Du, Replacements, Soul Asylum, etc). And in 1994, they released their first full-length album, Time to Make the Donuts. Citing touring-induced strain, Buzz Crocker left the band, and new drummer Joel Trueblood was introduced on 1995’s Weasels.

“The band toured extensively over the next several years clocking in thousands of miles playing with bands like Green Day, Jawbreaker, Shudder To Think, Bad Brains, Elliot Smith, Tad, Prong, Bad Religion, Supersuckers, Poster Children, and Everclear.”