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Dave Chappelle Hosts Impromptu Comedy Events in YS

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by | Jun 10, 2020

On Saturday, June 6th, Dave Chappelle hosted a private pop-up event: Dave Chapelle & Friends: A Talk with Punchlines. The event was held at Wirrig Pavilion—a stunning structure located off Route 68, owned by alumna and former Board of Trustees member Stacey Wirrig ’98 and her partner Steve Wirrig—and lasted from 8:00 PM until midnight.

Dayton’s online lifestyle newsletter reports that a similar event took place on Monday, June 8, and was “invite only” according to Eventbrite listings.

Attendees reported that “the events were quite small with an approximate count of 100 people. Everyone wore masks for the whole performance while practicing social distancing.”

Ed Dixon, a local art gallery owner, told Dayton online that “a few people sat in the pavilion with Chappelle, and the rest of the audience sat in chairs spaced out on the lawn, relaxing under the stars.”

The event restricted attendees from using their phones, however, a small film crew was spotted filming on site.

The Chappelle family has many ties with the College and local community. Dave’s father Bill (William David Chappelle III) served as a Co-op Department faculty member, dean of community services and adjunct professor of music, and is the recipient of the Walter F. Anderson Award. His mother—professor, administrator, and author Dr. Yvonne Seon—lives in Yellow Springs and siblings Felicia Chappelle ’91 and William Chappelle ’95 are Antioch alumni. Dave’s stepmother Joan worked at the College.

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