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Philip Schaefer, class of 1964, died in New York City on May 7, 2020.

Philip grew up in Queens, NY, and graduated Forest Hills High School in 1959.

Politics was in his blood. He was elected a representative of the student school board in high school. In 1964, he was elected Antioch Community Manager. He created a lecture series which included some famous people of the 1960s, including then Senator Hubert Humphrey and comedian/civil rights activist Dick Gregory.

He graduated Antioch with a degree in Political Science. He spent a semester abroad studying at the London School of Economics. After graduation he joined the Peace Corps and spent two years in Kenya.

After the Peace Corps, he worked for Bear Stearns. He then started his own company, World Pension Forum. The company organized International Pension Conferences that included many world leaders. He was most proud of the South Africa conference that included Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu.

Philip was actively involved in politics, working on many Presidential Campaigns. He was appointed by President Carter to be an official member of some U.S. delegations attending international conferences.

He is survived by two sons, Ari and Jonas; a granddaughter, Jacqueline; and a brother Richard.