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Douglas “Doug” R. Roycroft, born Feb. 12, 1938, passed away on June 20, 2018 in Albion, CA. Three decades ago, Douglas had a bookstore within Kay Rudin’s Art Attack shop where he sold mainly books about the history of war. He then ran Fiddlers’ Green bookstore on Laurel in the Bay Area for many years.

Doug’s Antioch classmate Peter Hochstein ’61 remembers him from his days on campus: “Douglas “Doug” Roycroft was a very casual Antioch acquaintance of mine, but his manner of dress and general presentation were so eccentric, even for an Antioch student, that he was impossible not to notice on campus and unforgettable to this day. He tended in his Antioch days to affect a waffle-weave tuxedo shirt with rhinestone studs, and a black cape. He was tall and heavyset, had a strange pallor, and overall gave the visual impression of a mashup of Dracula, Uncle Fester from the Munsters, Penn of the Penn & Teller magic show, and Peter Boyle’s portrayal of Frankenstein in a Mel Brooks movie.”