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Gabby Loomis-Amrhein ’17 Interviewed by WYSO

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In an interview with WYSO, Gabby Loomis-Amrhein ’17 (land manager and one of the naturalists at Agraria) speaks about Agraria forging connections between communities and ecosystems.

Renee Wilde, writing for WYSO, explains that the Arthur Morgan Institute for Community Solutions – founded in 1940 by Arthur Morgan – purchased a large farm on the edge of Yellow Springs in 2017. This repurposed farm was named Agraria and became Ohio’s first center for regenerative practice, “used as a land laboratory, educational center, and environmental stewardship program.”

In the interview, Gabby explains that most of her recent work involves leading small crews “in clearing out non-native plants like honeysuckle, from the wooded areas. Native species are introduced and encouraged where the non-native species have been removed.” Gabby explains that by controlling the non-native plants allows “for more ecological diversity, allowing for more dynamic equilibrium to come back into play.”

Gabby explains that Agraria regularly organizes camps, as well as research projects and invites area universities, high schools, middle schools, and even elementary schools to the land to learn about “soil science stuff.” Agraria is currently also clearing a new path “for a multi-use trail that is funded by a grant from the Clean Trail Fund.” This trail will provide a link between the Yellow Springs community and the farm.

Visit WYSO to listen and read more about the story.