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Where Are They Now: Aj Fouts ’18

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“I am currently the Director of Data Analytics at United Community Housing Coalition in Detroit, Michigan. Our mission is to help low-income residents stay in their homes and strengthen their communities, through representation, support, and ownership. We believe that having a place to live is a basic human right, and we are passionate about preserving this right in our communities.
My current role oversees the accuracy and integrity of program and client data UCHC collects, and am responsible for using this data to properly monitor client status and program outcomes. I love (love love) the opportunity to use a large amount of information available to me at UCHC to attempt to answer pressing questions within the realm of housing injustice. My work feels like solving puzzles – puzzles that enable owners to keep their homes, allow tenants to fully exercise their rights in court, and enhance the accountability of city and county government bodies to their citizens.
Throughout my entire Antioch career in which I was on campus, I worked in the college’s finance department, where I had lots of practice with data entry and spreadsheets – both skills that are critical in my current role. My third co-op in Philadelphia working at the bankruptcy law firm of Roger Ashodian ’72, was very eye-opening for me as I worked with people at risk of losing their homes. It deeply moved me what lengths people were willing to go to keep their homes, how attached people can be to a space, and what it means to lose that space. In my final year of Antioch, I completed a Miller Fellowship at Yellow Springs Home Inc. (a Community Land Trust), which I used as a monumental learning and growing opportunity on things like place-based justice, municipal-level politics, and non-profit work.
As you can see I love my job! I could talk about it forever.
I don’t have many good photos – here is the most recent photo of all our staff, and a collage of some of the homes we were able to help clients save in the year 2019.”
Aj Fouts studied Political Economy w/ focus in Japanese at Antioch and graduated in 2018.