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Terri Windling ’79 Announces Bumblehill Press

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On her blog, Myth & MoorTerri Windling ’79 has recently announced that she will be dipping her toes into the water of publishing with the establishment of Bumblehill Press. Their first publication is The Color of Angels.

The Color of Angels written by Terri Windling is a tale about a London artist who flees to the myth-haunted hills of Dartmoor as her life and health begin to crumble around her. On Myth & Moor, Terri explains that The Color of Angels is loosely connected to her desert novel The Wood Wife. She writes, “The protagonist of each, Tad Ludvik and Maggie Black, have been close friends since their university days.”

The Color of Angels was first published in The Horn of Elfland, an anthology of magical stories about music edited by Ellen Kushner, Delia Sherman, and Donald Keller in 1997, which is currently out of print. In a review of The Horn of Elfland, Charles de Lint wrote:

“’The Color of Angels‘ deals with the creative impulse and the complexities of human relationships, but here the focus is on printmaker Tatiana Ludvik, who is undergoing a crisis of faith. That, combined with the frustration of how multiple sclerosis is steadily weakening her body, sends Tat from her London studio to a small chapel in the Devon countryside that she had renovated in the days when she was stronger…The Devon countryside becomes as much a character here as the Sonoran desert did in The Wood Wife, while Windling’s narrative skills seem to only grow stronger, particularly in how she balances her lyrical passages with those more firmly rooted in the grittiness of everyday life.”

The e-book edition of The Color of Angels is available on Amazon here (U.K.) and here (U.S.).

Terri states,

“We’re at work on an ebook edition from the ethical publishing platform Hummingbird, and we’ll let you know just as soon as that’s available. Right now, Hummingbird publications are only available to readers in the U.S., so we’re looking for a similarly ethical company covering the UK and the rest of the world.”