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10 Day Challenge: My Love Can Change My World

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My Love Can Change My World is a ten-day challenge created by Nzingha Dalila, Director of Counseling Services.

Are you up for a challenge?

The 10-Day My Love Can Change My World Challenge was created by Nzingha Dalila, Director of Counseling Services, and asks that you engage in daily small actions that generate feelings of love within yourself, and in turn, helps to nurture healing from the impacts of violence and discrimination.

More About The 10-Day My Love Can Change My World Challenge
“Spreading love and transformation, one heartbeat at a time.”
We have inside of us the power to cope with the emotional and psychological impact of violence, abuse, and discrimination by generating feelings of love. The feeling of love in our hearts is a powerful, transformative, and healing energy. Violence and oppression can keep us mentally and emotionally trapped in fear and self-doubt. A revolutionary act to help combat the effects of trauma is the power of love; not love for others, but the feeling of love inside your heart.
Whether you are physically isolated or emotionally overwhelmed, each of us can nurture and generate feelings of love. Beginning Monday, July 7, 2020, for ten days we invite you to join us by spending a few minutes each day engaging in a small action that will generate the feeling of love. (such as tending a plant, practicing mindfulness, writing a poem, doing self-care, etc.).
Love can be a powerful movement. In addition to practicing love, we also invite you to reach out to 3 other people and invite them to take up the challenge and invite 3 other people. And finally, share with others what you are doing to feel love in your heart by posting what you are doing in our Facebook group. Your actions and the effects it can have on your life may provide ideas and encouragement for others.
Peace and Blessings,
Nzingha Dalila, EdD
Director of Counseling Services
Antioch College

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In the video below, Nzingha Dalila provides more information about the challenge.

The challenge is supported by Antioch Title IX, the Family Violence Prevention Center, NAMI on Campus, and the Dayton YWCA