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Anique Sara Taylor ’69 On Rita Vanacore’s Planet Seniors

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On Monday, August 17, from 8 PM until 9 PM, Anique Sara Taylor ’69 will be on Rita Vanacore’s Planet Seniors on Radio Kingston discussing her book Where Space Bends, her new projects, and many other things.

Anique’s work has appeared in Rattle, Common Ground Review, Adanna, Stillwater Review, Earth’s Daughter among others. She’s co-authored works for HBO, Scholastic, Simon & Schuster, and a three-act play that was performed by Playwrights Horizons and Williamstown Playhouse. Anique’s new book, Where Space Bends —  a collection of poems, has received a number of great reviews:

“Anique Sara Taylor’s fierce-whipped poems pull me, drag me, shake me and make me see — seasons, stars, buds set to burst and “the universe of a single cell.” They make me feel — the joy of a deer tick tunneling in, “the wound of a new poem,” my own “nerves of scraped glass.” She has the gift of reminding us we are alive in all our senses, and then beyond our senses, far beyond, into prayer and into the voice. “Abandoning all illusion of safety, / it is today again.”

– Alicia Ostriker, author of The Old Woman, The Tulip and the Dog and Waiting for the Light.

* * *

Maybe // this time / I will tell you as much as you can bear,” Anique Sara Taylor states, speaking as much to herself as to her readers, recognizing that she feels “Naked without my shawl of words.” In poems written in “the curved alphabet of wild phlox,” Taylor views our longings and vulnerabilities through “the unmendable beauty of nature, reckoning “We sleep / alone so many years” toward some deeper understanding of our lives. If “Our fragile ribbons / unravel,” they do so toward “a version of Paradise / that forgives us everything we’ve ever done.” If I quote so often here from these poems, it’s because Where Space Bends is filled with such memorable and musical phrasings, and with such moving wisdom. I recommend this book to anyone who possesses a heart capable of hurt, ears that open to secret frequencies, and a tongue that savors each word spun so slowly in the mouth.

– Michael Waters, Author of Dean of Discipline, and Celestrial Joyride

Visit Anique Sara Taylor’s website for more information.