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Quiet on Set: Short Film by Rani Crowe ’01

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Rani Crowe’s ’01 short film, Quiet on Set, will be screening virtually at the 2020 Indy Film Festival from August 16 until August 23.

The 8-minute short film Quiet on Set is loosely inspired by the many stories that have surfaced during the #MeToo movement. It looks at the lines between performance and reality, consent and assault, violator and complicit witness. It also considers ethics in filmmaking, the response to accusations by victims of assault, conflict of contractual obligations, and distribution and consumption of on screen violation. Quiet on Set dissects the filming and consumption of a sex scene within a film where the lead actress has been violated during the shooting of the scene.

As Rani Crowe explains, “Quiet on Set was a response to the #MeToo movement and the many very real stories of sexual assault and exploitation that have occurred on film sets. Last Tango in Paris is a big example, but you can also look into the James Franco allegations, Aleksander Skaarsgard doesn’t like to wear socks during nude scenes, the controversies on Showtime’s The Affair, and the recent controversies in handling nudity and intimate content in American Theater.” Crowe adds, “Once you start going down the rabbit hole, there are many stories. That is part of why the role of Intimacy Coordinator or Choreographer has become a big thing now in film and theater. To help empower and protect performers doing nudity or intimate scenes for film, TV, and theater. You can draw a comparison from the work the Intimacy Coordinator does to the SOPP.”

Quiet on Set will also be screening virtually at the following Film Festivals:

Film Girl Film Festival, Milwaukee, WI: November 13 – 15 *Online due to COVID-19

Dayton Independent Film Festival, Dayton, OH: September 25 – 28 *Online due to COVID-19


Follow the Quiet on Set Facebook page to stay updated on future screenings.