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IdaLease Cummings ’16 Featured in Voyage ATL

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Entrepreneur IdaLease Cummings ’16 was recently featured in Voyage ATL; a publication that highlights “The Best of Atlanta. IdaLease completed a BA in performance at Antioch College.

In the article, IdaLease reflects on life after graduating high school in a personal and honest interview in which she explains that she has found herself “somewhere between ‘never stop, keep grinding, and go with the flow … let it manifest.’”

IdaLease speaks openly about her struggles, which have taught her life can be unjust, the pursuit of justice should be unyielding, and that life is full of paradoxes.

“I am unplugging, unlearning, reconditioning, self-loving, and allowing myself to just be,” she says in her interview, “but with the intention to be me at my best. Whatever my best may be. I am allowing it to become my reality, learning when to adjust and adapt versus when to be film and intentional. I am regaining my balance and strengthening my stance/position in this world.”

Read the full interview on Voyage ATL.