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John Sims ’90 Will Be Artist in Residence at The Ringling Sept 11 – 20

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This fall, conceptual artist and activist John Sims ’90 will be showcasing his work as an artist in residence with the Art of Performance Program at The Ringling in Sarasota, Florida. As Sarasota Magazine explains,

“Sims plans to host evenings combining his visual art, written work, sound and performance at the Historic Asolo Theater, where audiences will become immersed in his message about struggles Black Americans face, police brutality, racial injustice and Confederate iconography in the South. The performances will be prefaced by artist talks in which Sims will discuss his work, which will touch on current issues such as COVID-19 is affecting the Black community, the Black Lives Matter movement and police brutality.”

Sims has been at the forefront of contemporary mathematical art and leading the national pushback on Confederate iconography for 20 years. By combining his mathematics training with art, Sims seeks to confront symbols that represent white supremacy and to promote cross-cultural community.

“Coming from a working-class background in Detroit, Sims’ experiences as a Black man and artist serve as a mirror for what audiences are experiencing in the world today. “I want my work to activate myself and others,” Sims says. “Whether that’s through engaging, lecturing or simply talking, I want to get folks inspired to move the culture somehow.” “


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