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Community Governance Fall 2020 Elections

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Community Governance is central to the Antioch College experience as a laboratory college where students, faculty, and staff share responsibility for governance. Community Council (ComCil) and College Council are two of the key representative bodies, and the election process for the 2020–21 academic year is underway. The process is facilitated and overseen by the Elections Committee: Coco Gagnet ’18, Kevin Mulhall, Heather Bowling, Ian Wonn ’22, Quillin Stocker ’23.

Candidates for Community Council and College Council must complete and submit the appropriate nomination form to Community Manager Coco Gagnet ’18. Nomination forms are due by the end of the day on Friday, September 18, 2020.

Both College Council and Community Council have open one-year-term seats for two Student Representatives (elected by the student body, two Staff Representatives (elected by the staff), and three At-Large Representatives (one Student, one Faculty, one Staff; elected by community-wide vote). The Faculty Representative seats on College and Community Councils are selected through a process overseen by the Faculty Assembly.

A Candidate Forum will be held during Community Meeting on Tuesday, September 22, and elections will be open September 23–25.

Nominations forms have been sent by email from the Community Manager, and are posted on the Community Governance webpage.

More about Community Governance

The College Council serves as the primary on-campus body advising the College President on the review, revision, and approval of administrative policy. The College Council may utilize standing and ad hoc committees to care for various aspects of ongoing and special matters. The College Council may delegate authority to these committees, receiving reports of sub-committee activities in the form of minutes distributed to all members of the College Council. The President of the College has final authority on administrative policies.

Community Council (ComCil) is the body of the Antioch College Community Government responsible for the social, cultural, political and community life on campus. The ComCil Bylaws are the governing policy for the ComCil jurisdiction and decision-making process. ComCil is responsible for recommending and maintaining community policies and the various committees, policies, and procedures detailed in it. ComCil works with the College Council and its committees and they are jointly responsible for various policies including the SOPP, the Civil Liberties Code, and Community Standards. ComCil approves the CG budget, helps decide on expenditures, and approves CG hiring.