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Antioch Listed Among Most Unique Colleges in America

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by | Sep 23, 2020

Business Insider has included Antioch College on its list of the 13 most unique colleges in America for our philosophy of being a laboratory college where students learn by doing, and our flagship Cooperative Education program where students spend up to a third of their coursework doing community service, internships, or full-time work. The College recently took steps to build on the strength of Co-op and its commitment to educational access through the Antioch College Works program, providing full-tuition scholarships for Pell Grant-eligible students, guaranteed on-campus or community work, and even a post-graduate Co-op placement for those needing a launch into their careers after completing a Bachelor’s degree.

The list was created using insights from sources like the Princeton Review and US News’ Best Colleges lists, and was also featured by MSN Money.

More About Antioch College

A College of Action, Antioch has been a pioneering and values-driven secular institution since it was founded in 1850. It was the first co-educational college in the nation to offer the same educational opportunities to both men and women and it was the first to appoint a woman to its faculty and to its Board of Trustees. It was also among the first to offer African-Americans equal educational opportunities. Consistent with its curriculum of study and work, Antioch College has always given equal weight to understanding theory, to engaging in practice, and to taking action.

The words of the late Loren Pope, former education editor of The New York Times and author of Colleges That Change Lives, speaks to Antioch College’s unique capacity: “Antioch is in a class by itself. There is no college or university in the country that makes a more profound difference in a young person’s life, or that creates more effective adults. None of the Ivies, big or small, can match Antioch’s ability to produce outstanding thinkers and doers.”

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