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A Buffalo Honored

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Last weekend during Reunion 2020, our beloved tie-dyed buffalo, the inimitable Steven Duffy ’77, was honored by the Antiochian community with the J.D. Dawson Award.

The Dawson award recognizes people who have contributed in a significant way to Antioch College, and Duffy is most certainly deserving due to his unwavering dedication to, and love for, the Antiochian community.

Duffy has spent roughly 53 years—minus two years helping run the Los Angeles Free Clinic in the early seventies—at Antioch. He took what he thought would be a temporary job at the at the Olive Kettering Library (OKL) after graduating. Since then, he has witnessed and supported four decades worth students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

He was also crucial to the effort of gaining the College’s independence and its subsequent reopening. The day after the College closed in 2008, Duffy went to work at the College Revival Fund as Assistant Director of Alumni Relations. When the College reopened in Fall of 2011 he returned to the OKL. Duffy currently serves as Special Assistant for Alumni Relations.

Duffy has served on ComCil, AdCil, The Sexual Offense Hearing Board, served many elected terms as a Union Steward and six years on the Alumni Board, and has been involved with the Antioch College Alumni for Diversity Affinity Group since 2006. He continues to be a tireless booster of all things Antioch, and he usually pens this column “A Buffalo Grazing,” a staple in College communications… but this edition is dedicated to honoring our beloved and indispensable Buffalo.

You may watch a raw recording of the J.D. Dawson Award presentation here (an edited version will be posted on the College’s YouTube Channel in the future).

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“A Buffalo Grazing” is a regular feature written by alum Steven Duffy ’77, known to many as the Buffalo or simply Duffy.