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Arts@Antioch: Call for Participation

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Arts@Antioch is back and actively seeking community participation! The Arts@Antioch is all about what kind of art is being talked about, created, and dreamed of here in the Antioch community and beyond.

Are you making work? Are you looking for an opportunity to show what you make? Is there an artist that you are interested in and would like to see here on campus? What role can the arts play within our work for social justice?

These are just a sampling of the kind of questions that Arts@Antioch seeks to engage. Whether you are faculty, staff, or a student, Arts@Antioch seeks to include your voice into the process of exhibitions in the Herndon Gallery and beyond.

On this note, Sarah Mills ’21 and Michael Casselli ’87 have been developing a number of COVID-aware projects, which they would like to share at the first Arts@Antioch meeting and need to know who is interested and available to meet. Currently Wednesdays are the proposed day for meetings. Please take the time to respond to the Google form linked below.

If this interests you please fill out this Google form to help us select an appropriate time or send an email to