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Board Moves to Affirm Tenure

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The Antioch College Board of Trustees has voted to approve a faculty proposal, advanced last spring, to convert all existing faculty positions to tenure track appointments. With this move, all previously contingent members of our current small faculty are now eligible to earn tenure.

A principal goal of this move has been to stabilize the composition of a core faculty, which will be able to deliver a consistent curriculum and to engage in long-range planning in order to meet the needs of current and prospective students. Students will be more able to rely on developing enduring working relationships with their faculty mentors and advisors throughout the progressive phases of their self-designed major processes and academic careers.

The proposal was drafted by the College’s Faculty Assembly and advanced through the Academic Affairs Committee (AAC) before being presented to the Board. The AAC is co-chaired by Trustees Susan Mayer ’79 and Shalini Deo ’02, and comprised of members of the faculty, Brooke Bryan, Michael Casselli ’87 (Faculty Trustee), Kevin McGruder (VP for Academic Affairs), and David Kammler (Dean of Academic Affairs).

“The Board of Trustees’ recent affirmation of the faculty’s tenure-track conversion proposal represents a necessary step in providing equity and career stability for all members of our small and dedicated faculty at a time of great uncertainty in higher education,” says Susan Mayer ’79, co-chair of the Academic Affairs Committee. “Committing in this way to our faculty members, all of whom have had to shoulder the extraordinary burdens of this time, also promises to stabilize students’ experience by providing greater continuity in the areas of academic mentorship and curricular planning. The leadership of the Academic Affairs Committee would also like to recognize the considerable work that was required of so many within the faculty and administration in order to achieve this successful outcome.

The positions approved for tenure are as follows:

  • Assistant Professor of Anthropology
  • Associate Professor of Cooperative Education
  • Associate Professor of Cooperative Education
  • Associate Professor of French Language and Culture
  • Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Quantitative Reasoning
  • Assistant Professor of Media Arts
  • Assistant Professor of Psychology
  • Associate Professor of Spanish Language and Culture
  • Assistant Professor of Visual Arts
  • Assistant Professor of Writing and Composition
  • Associate Professor of Writing and Digital Studies

Faculty members moving into newly approved tenure-track positions will be placed on promotion pathways commensurate with their time of appointment at the College, with the understanding that all candidates will be expected to satisfy all substantive tenure requirements as determined through peer review.