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Ka’Dae Brockington ’21 Presenting at GLCA e-Conference

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Ka’Dae Brockington ’21 will be presenting in the Great Lakes College Association’s Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Collective Undergraduate Research and Activism e-Conference on Thursday, March 25. His presentation, “Determining Access: Social and Physical Barriers for Marginalized College Students’,” will be part of a Wellness & Health Equity panel from 9 to 10 AM EST.

In his presentation, Ka’Dae, a Biomedical Anthropology major with a focus on American Jurisprudence, Physical and Biological Anthropology, will present his research on the social and physical barriers for marginalized college students, and will explain how an increase in research surrounding social and physical determinants of health has led to innovative processes in both medical and public health industries.

Ka’Dae’s research focuses in particular on those who are from marginalized communities, such as students who identify as queer. He explains, “This research utilizes qualitative methods, such as focus groups and semi-structured interviews, and collected quantitative data conducted through validated open-source surveys by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention with a focus on Health-Related Quality of Life Measures.”

Moreover, Ka’Dae writes, “Through these efforts, I will (a) provide a comprehensive and holistic analysis of social and physical determinants of health affecting Queer Antioch College students, (b) examine relationships between these expressed determinants and academic success of a student from a marginalized community(ies), and (c) move from theories to practice as the institution provides available preventions.”

The GLCA Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies e-Conference will take place from Thursday, March 26 until Friday, March 27 and will include talks on various topics, including Wellness and Health Equity, Reproductive Justice, Navigating the Job Market and Bringing WGSS Into the Workplace, Literature: From Critique to Transformation (moderated by Antioch College Associate Professor of Cooperative Education Luisa Bieri), and Gender Inequality in Global Contexts, among others.

Learn more about the GLCA by visiting their website.