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Richard Hauck ’17 Accepted to Two Master’s Programs

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Richard Hauck ’17

After graduating with a self-designed major in Bachelor of Science: Ecology and the Human Environment with Spanish Language focus and earning magna cum laude, Richard Hauck ’17 has been accepted into two master’s programs at Arizona State University, the Masters of Sustainability Solutions and the Masters of Urban and Environmental Planning (MUEP).

Arizona State University’s concurrent Master’s program allows students to earn both degrees in a three-year period. The program is a transdisciplinary, professional degree designed to prepare students for leadership roles in planning in the public and private sectors.

“My experiences at Antioch inspired and laid the groundwork for my future life goals of making a positive lasting impact for our planet and the peoples within these times of climate and social crises,” Hauck explains. His studies will begin this coming August and will further equip him with the skills and knowledge to achieve his goals of creating a better future for all.

“I would not be at this point today without the help and guidance of my professors, mentors, and employers,” Hauck adds. “I am eternally grateful to have had the privileges bestowed upon me.”

Hauck began his Antioch experience with his first Co-op in the summer of 2013 at the Bergefurd’s Farm Market in Wilmington, OH, where he was able to live and work on the farm with the family. During his first Co-op, he was able to gain insights into the life of a farmer and an introduction to the state of Ohio. Hauck’s second Co-op was spent in Vermont in the Spring of 2014, where he worked to install solar systems with Soveren Solar. Hauck’s third Co-op was spent in Costa Mesa, CA, during the Winter of 2015.

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