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Texas High School Students Visit Campus

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On Thursday, April 22, seniors from IDEA Weslaco College Prep—a partner institution in Weslaco, TX—visited Antioch College’s campus as part of a multi-college tour. Students flew into Detroit and later drove to Yellow Springs, OH. Despite the unexpected automotive problems they faced, students were still enthusiastic about seeing our campus. 

In response to the pandemic, Antioch College transitioned from only on-campus to mostly virtual tours for student recruitment. During these virtual events, an admissions counselor talks about the admission process and student resources available on campus. Prospective students can pick from multiple dates listed on a monthly calendar. However, the experience may not be as intimate as a walk around the Horseshoe. The visit from IDEA Weslaco College Prep was approved by the campus COVID Safety Team and followed all campus COVID safety protocols. Eleven students and three chaperones gathered in smaller groups throughout the tour. 

“They seemed pretty energetic. Most of them had academic interests that aligned with what we offer,” says Admissions Counselor Myles Corcoran. One student had already been admitted for Fall 2021 before visiting campus. Unlike previous tours at Antioch, there was not enough time allotted for on-site admissions consultations. An admissions counselor would typically review transcripts, test scores, and recommendations. After the visit, prospective students would be notified shortly after if they are accepted. However, Antioch’s rolling admission deadlines gives prospective students the opportunity to apply later in the year and still be eligible for a “seat for fall 2021,” Corcoran explains. 

Enrollment for the start of the academic year in 2020 at Antioch College increased 22% compared to Fall 2019. “The Office of Admission is hoping to see a similar increase this year as they continue to work with prospective students going into the summer. As a small community, the process is a personal experience,” says Corcoran. According to Corcoran, the Admission Office has been receiving an influx of strong applications, and they look forward to receiving more. Students will continue to be admitted for Fall 2021 through July 2.

As students complete their applications for the College, Corcoran suggests they “think deeply about the questions on the application.” Unlike many other colleges and universities, Antioch doesn’t require SAT or ACT scores unless a student chooses to submit them. Students’ essays, recommendations, and other materials submitted with their applications are the basis for the Admission Committee’s decisions about who is admitted to Antioch.

Antioch College students safely returned to campus this academic year to live, learn, and work. Classes are currently being held in person, and the College expects to be open, with students, faculty, and staff back on campus, for the next academic year in Fall 2021 as well.

Written by Anna Robinson ’24, on Co-op Spring Quarter 2021 in the Office of Communications