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Janet Goldner ’74 Featured in Two NYC Shows

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Janet Goldner ’74

New York City-based artist Janet Goldner ‘74 will be featured in two new shows this summer in NYC: No Vacancy (The Sculptors Guild Summer Exhibition) and Between the Ground and the Sky.

Goldner graduated from Antioch College with a Bachelor’s degree in Art and received a Master of Art in Sculpture from New York University. She explains that her “artwork explores culture, identity, and social justice. I make steel sculptures and installations that also include photography, video and sound. Bridging diverse cultures, my work celebrates the unique beauty and genius of each as well as what we have in common.”

Showing July 23 through August 30th, No Vacancy (on display at 1155a Avenue of the Americas) includes the works of 45 sculptors and includes Goldmar’s work “Us, Them, We.”

The exhibition Between the Ground and the Sky will take place at the Carter Burden Gallery at 548 W 28th St, 5th floor, NYC from August 5th through September 1st. Goldner explains that the work that she will be exhibiting, Meandering Border (Rio Grande), was inspired by her research trip to the US/Mexico border in Texas. She created the line of the border map by cutting into rusty steel using a welding torch as a drawing tool.

“A border is an imaginary line that separates people and culture,” she says. “The Rio Grande is such an imaginary but a consequential line for much of the border in Texas. I was struck by the absurdity of the meandering border that causes the US and Mexico to dip and flow in and out of each other.” 

Learn more about Goldner’s art works and upcoming exhibitions by visiting her website.