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 David M. Brandes, a devoted son of New York City, died on Saturday, July 3, 2021 at the age of 78. He had become a resident of a Long Term Care facility in the Upper Eastside neighborhood he loved.

  David is the son of Julius and Claire Brandes and a brother of Michael. He was a lover of the arts (music, film, theatre, literature, conversation, exceptional food) travel (how many trips to Paris?), and a long-term member of the MMA.

  David was a graduate of the BHS, Antioch College, NYU Masters and Graduate School (ABD) and Brooklyn Law. In addition to a law practice, he taught in undergraduate settings. David was loved by a large circle of friends. He was fun, witty, kind, thoughtful and generous. He will be missed. In memory of David, donations can be made Doctors Without Borders.