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Critical Race Theory Panel with Dr. Kevin McGruder

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On Wednesday, August 11 from 12:00 – 1:00 PM EDT,  Associate Professor of History Dr. Kevin McGruder will be presenting as part of a panel at the Columbus Metropolitan Club, addressing the past, present, and future of Critical Race Theory in America.

“What began as an interpretive framework for historians has exploded on the national education scene as the newest front in America’s ongoing culture war. Critical Race Theory, which sought to better understand the role of race in the creation of legal, economic, and social systems, is to some a way to spotlight the inequities in our society, while to others, its application threatens to further divide Americans from each another. What is critical race theory? Who is using it, how, and to what end?”

In addition to McGruder, the panel will feature Aaron Baer, President, Center for Christian Virtue, and Jennifer Adair, President, Columbus Board of Education, with host Alissa Widman Reese, K-12 Education Reporter, The Columbus Dispatch.

The event will be livestreamed on the Columbus Metropolitan Club’s YouTube Channel.

Visit the Columbus Metropolitan Club website to learn more.