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Dr. Kim Landsbergen Participates in National Science Foundation Grant

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Associate Professor Kim Landsbergen attends kickoff meeting of NSF-funded Biology Education Collaborative Grant Centering Urban Gardens and Community-based Experiential Learning

This August, Associate Professor Kim Landsbergen participated in a kickoff meeting with other grant participants to begin work on a five-year, $500,000 National Science Foundation Grant (NSF Award #2018837). Training Undergraduate Biologists through Urban Agriculture (TUBA) aims to reduce attrition from Biology by engaging students in socially- and environmentally-connected science through urban agriculture.

The network developed in the project aims to reduce attrition from biology by engaging students in socially and environmentally connected science. Importantly, the network will emphasize engage biology students in underserved communities that are hotspots for urban agriculture. Every aspect of this network will aim to create experiences for students and educators that are accessible and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion; cultivate empathy, collaboration, and systems thinking skills; and foster mutually-reciprocal community partnerships.

Dr. Kim Landsbergen, Associate Professor of Biology and Environmental Science Antioch College, is one of 24 team members collaborating with Drs. Adam Kay and Eric Chapman, who are lead principal investigator on the grant. The NSF-funded TUBA grant will provide the opportunity to use resources from many institutions such as the Antioch College Farm to develop educational experiences with partner institutions, while also learning about and incorporating ideas from community farming and food organizations. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in semester exchange and summer programs at other institutions in the national network, as well as study abroad experiences. Dr. Landsbergen teaches Botany, Soils, Ecology, Ecological Agriculture and other science courses at Antioch College.

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To learn more about the NSF TUBA award visit the award webpage.