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  Laura Evangeline Lundy ’70, born March 13, 1948, passed away on Dec. 26, 2020.    Laura Evangeline Lundy (née Leach) was a mathematician, a teacher, a skilled fiber artist, a voracious reader, a beloved mother and Oma, and a lifelong supporter of pacifism and human rights.

  She was the oldest of four children, born in Brady, TX, to Ralph and Gloria Leach. She lived in more than a dozen different states over her lifetime.

  Laura attended Atherton High School in Louisville, KY, and was a National Merit Scholar. During her high school years, she was selected to attend the Kentucky Girls’ State Conference on the basis of her civic and political knowledge. In 1964, she participated in the March on Frankfort in support of civil rights. She graduated from Antioch College in 1970, and earned an MS in mathematics from the University of Wyoming in 1976, where she also met her husband. She minored in art and was as much an artist as a mathematician in her life.

   A patient and compassionate teacher, Laura taught math at the high school and college levels, serving in adjunct positions at both Perimeter College and Agnes Scott College in Atlanta, GA. She was an avid knitter, spinner, and weaver. She spun miles of yarn in her lifetime, and in later years was in demand as an instructor of the Japanese Saori weaving technique.

   Laura was known for her intelligence and wit, her vivacious personality, and her ability to take great joy in others’ interests and accomplishments. She generously shared her talents and enjoyed the fellowship of her church communities. She sang in several church choirs, where her alto voice was appreciated by many. Laura passed away in Tucson, AZ, her home since 2016.

  She is survived by her husband Don, children Johanna and Katherine, siblings Becky, Stephen, and Naomi, and nieces and nephews Elnora, Grace, Ethan, and Gabriel. A memorial service is planned for fall 2021.