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Sanford “Sandy” Day Griffith, age 96, died Nov. 1, 2021, in Ketchikan, Alaska.

He was born July 25, 1925 in London, England, and grew up in Huntington on Long Island, New York.

 In the 1940s, he hopped freight trains across the country and eventually ended up in Fairbanks, his family writes. He later bought land close to the University of Alaska, where he worked and attended school.

He married Constance Griffith ’46, whom he had met previously at Antioch College. They had four sons.

In the late ’60s, the family moved from Fairbanks to Ketchikan.

“Some may remember seeing Sandy on his long therapeutic walks,” his family writes. “Although these outings helped physically and mentally, he still suffered from childhood trauma that haunted him to the end. “But Sandy forged on,” his family writes. “He will be remembered around town as the loquacious poet/philosopher and as the occasional rebel that liked to have a few too many and engage in spirited debates with whomever happened to cross his path. Most folks, though, will remember his genteel nature, continuous stream of intellectual musings, his love of books, and his willingness to share a good read. He had an opinion on virtually every subject, and he could drive you nuts expressing them.”

Mr. Griffith was preceded in death by his wife, Constance; and son, Peter.

He is survived by his sons, Charles, Thomas ’76 and Benjamin; grandchildren, Robert, Melanie, Catherine, Jack, Shea, Shaw and Shan; and 10 great-grandchildren.

 A private memorial service will be arranged at a later date.