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Terry Herndon, one of the founders of WYSO Public Radio in 1958 – has died.

Herndon was a 1957 Antioch College graduate and one of three students credited with starting the station.

In a 2015 interview with WYSO, Herndon explained how he helped hardwire the campus AM radio station in the early 1950’s – those early efforts became the fully licensed WYSO FM a few years later:

“In 1953 they started having scheduled evening programs with different people playing classical music or jazz or this kind of thing and you would get it on the radio in your room which was an AM radio,” he said.

During one of his co-op quarters at Antioch, Herndon worked at an MIT Research facility called Lincoln Laboratories and later founded his own company called Path Scientific.

He and his wife Eva were also art collectors and provided the financial means for Antioch College to have an art gallery on campus, named in their honor.

Terry Herndon was 87.