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Bryce Ian Morrice, M.D. died the morning of August 16th, 2022 at Otterbein at Granville at the age of 72. Born in 1950 in Detroit, Michigan to George and Vernette Morrice, he spent much of his childhood in Upper Arlington, OH and Worthington, OH. After two years at Thomas Worthington High School, his family moved to Newark, OH where his father became Licking Memorial Hospital’s first Head of Cardiology. Bryce graduated from Newark High School in 1968, but wasn’t allowed to walk because his hair went past his ears.

Bryce attended Antioch College in Yellow Springs, OH and met his future wife, Ellen Morrice nee Stalego. Ellen, a graduate of Newark Catholic (’70), heard there was a student from Newark that studied physics. Skeptical, she tracked him down and made him show her his ID to prove it. Their first date was stargazing atop the college’s science building, which was equipped with a telescope.

After graduating, and waiting for Ellen to graduate, he backpacked across Europe for three months before taking a position as night janitor at the Heath, OH Burger King. Upon Ellen’s graduation, they married on August 17th, 1974 at St. Edwards in Granville, OH. They moved to Cincinnati where Bryce received his Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) from UC in 1978, while Ellen received her master’s degree in Anthropology.

Moving to Los Angeles, settling in the Venice Beach neighborhood, Bryce completed his residency at Cedar Sinai Hospital. While in California, their first child and only daughter Megan Ellen Morrice was born in Santa Monica in 1982.

After moving back to Ohio and buying a home in Granville in 1983, Dr. Morrice became a Cardiologist at Licking Memorial Hospital. He’d continue in that role until his retirement in 2018. He served as President of the Ohio and West Virginia Heart Association in 1995 and 1996. In Ohio they welcomed 2 more children, sons Brendan Ian Morrice (b. 1984) and Brian George Joseph Morrice (b. 1987).

Coming of age in the 1960s, Bryce loved the music of the time, becoming an avid drummer (his college band “No Rags” could have been great). He developed a passion for jazz and classical, as well. He loved cycling and particularly enjoyed the TOSRV race, where his wife and kids would cheer him at the finish line in Portsmouth, OH. Despite at one point only having two days a month off before finding a partner for his medical practice, he would spend them riding bikes with his children. He was passionate about art and architecture, and his children absolutely delighted in going to art museums with him while he read every word on every plaque. And he was a classic wine snob, maintaining a cellar with an index card system in which he’d write out his thoughts on every wine after dinner. But above all, he enjoyed good company, his family and friends, paired with a gourmet meal (usually by his wife, an excellent chef).

Dr. Morrice is preceded in death by his wife Ellen (d. 2011), his parents George and Vernette Morrice, and sisters Elena Morrice Mack and Ann Gallagher. He is survived by his children, his brother, Erik Morrice (Michelle Morrice), brother-in-law James Gallagher, and brother-in law Oscar Mack, along with numerous cousins, nieces, nephews, and other extended family.

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