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Barbara Ann (Bee) Bonow, born in Burlington, Vermont, June 12, 1924, passed away on November 21, 2022. She is preceded in death by her husband and soul mate of 69 years, W. Burnett (Bo) Bonow who she met while attending Antioch College. They had a loving and adventurous life, always demonstrating a willingness to take risks, and never afraid of traveling when opportunity or adventure called.
She is survived by sons Dan Bonow (Judy), Tim Bonow (Terri) and Peter Bonow (Bekah), daughter Quenby Farrell (Tim), and Grandchildren Rainbow, Andrew, Desmond, Luther, Amelia, Taylor (deceased), Morgan, Tati and Lila, and seven great-grandchildren.

Her early childhood experience as an orphan at the Home for Friendless Children was probably instrumental in shaping her inquisitive spirit—asking tough questions about God and Soul. She was not reticent to expose hypocrisy, and to express her feelings and opinions; and encouraged others to voice theirs. She would ask a group to “go around the table” and answer questions like: “What’s your biggest
regret?” When Bee was a youth she was asked to recite a Bible passage. She chose “God is love.” She believed that “Love is the Answer”, and was a kind, and tolerant person.

She loved to sing and play the organ, and promoted music and intellectual growth and development to her family and friends. She loved dogs and horses, and was an accomplished equestrian, jumping horses well into her 80’s. Many people become sullen or grouchy as they grow older, but Bee only got sweeter. Asked on her deathbed how she was feeling, she chirped “I’ve never been better!”

The family would like to give a big thank you to Kathy Allen for being Bee’s special friend and loving caregiver over the last ten years.
We will all miss her thoughtful, inquisitive, entertaining, and respectful spirit.

Ronald Michael Hampton