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Resident Scholars Program

Resident Scholars Program

Antioch College seeks to acknowledge the former tenured and emeritus faculty for their service and contributions prior to 2008. In expression of gratitude for years of service and commitment to its historic educational values, Antioch College confers the status of “Resident Scholar” on those eligible faculty who wish to be recognized by board and college leadership.


All former and retired faculty who were acknowledged to have earned tenure at Antioch College prior to 2008 shall be eligible to be recognized. To register as a Resident Scholar, eligible faculty members are asked to complete the brief form at the bottom of this page.

Scholar Privileges

Consistent with the available resources of Antioch College, Resident Scholars shall have the following privileges:

  • Provision for a yearly identification card acknowledging the status of Resident Scholar.

  • On and off campus access to the resources of Olive Kettering Library in keeping with the kind of access and resources provided to college faculty.

  • Access to the use of academic and artistic resources, such as performance, office, and studio space, at the discretion of the Provost and VPAA and/or College President, and as available.

  • Access to and the use of campus resources, such as the Wellness Center and Glen Helen, in keeping with the access to these resources provided to college faculty.

  • Access to campus events and activities, such as theater and lecture tickets, in keeping with the access provided to college faculty.

  • Participation in other unforeseen professional opportunities at the discretion of the Provost and VPAA and/or College President.

  • Participation in community life and faculty governance to be determined by community government, faculty and college leadership.

Online Registration

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