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Accommodations Guidelines

Accommodations Guidelines



Accommodation: “any modification made for a person or within an environment to minimize the discriminatory effect of a person’s physical, emotional, or learning disability.” (Boston University)

Reasonable accommodations: “those adjustments within a work or school site that allow an otherwise-qualified individual with a disability to perform the tasks required.” (Boston University)

Functional Limitations: Refers to activities that individuals may have trouble doing or tasks they may have difficulty carrying out, due to the specific nature of their disability.


Accommodations Must:

  • Be based on the specific diagnosis

  • Be based on the functional limitations of the disability upon the specific individual

  • Be subject to modification if the impact or symptomatology of the disability changes

  • Be subject to modification based on the exigencies of medication trials and adjustments

  • Be preceded by disclosure of the disability to the Center for Academic Support Services with appropriate documentation.

Accommodations Cannot:

  • Cause undue burden on the setting or the institution

  • Significantly alter the academic requirements of the course

  • Significantly alter the course content


Who is Eligible for Accommodations?

There are several academic resources available to all Antioch College students.  However, students who request accommodation on the basis of a diagnosed disability must register with the Center for Academic Support Services. The Associate Director of Student Support Services meets with students on an individual basis in order to plan the appropriate accommodations.


Registering with the Center for Academic Support Services

Appropriate and reasonable accommodations are best determined through an interactive process that includes the student with the disability, the Center for Academic Support Services, course instructors, and other faculty or staff members as appropriate. Students are expected to make accommodation requests in a timely fashion.

1. Contact the Center for Academic Support Services. Requests for accommodations is made to the Associate Director of Student Support Services who can be reached at 937-319-0093 or at

2. Meet with the Associate Director of Student Support Services to discuss determination of the status of the student as a person with a disability. If the student is a person with a disability, the Center for Academic Support Services will work with the student in order to determine the necessary accommodations. The student receives a Verification of Individual Student Accommodation (VISA) letter verifying the student’s disability status and needed accommodations. At this point, the student is responsible for presenting the VISA for accommodations to the faculty member. The student may request that a member of disability services staff contact the faculty member for an initial introduction.

3. Discuss details of the accommodations with faculty and staff members as appropriate. It is the student’s responsibility to follow-up to arrange specific accommodations. For testing accommodations, students must make arrangements with faculty one week prior to test/exam.