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First CARE

The First C.A.R.E. (Concern, Assessment, Response, and Education) Team is a network of Antioch faculty and staff who meet regularly to identify, monitor, and provide holistic support for students. 


The goals of the First CARE Team are:

  1. to support student success and retention through increased linkages to support resources
  2. to implement interventions, and 
  3. to assess and disseminate data as it relates to student success and retention.



Any member of the Antioch community (staff, faculty, students, family, or friend) can submit a referral. Referring a student will initiate a holistic support response focused on student and community wellbeing.

You may consider referring  a student to the First CARE Team if a student:

  • exhibits declined academic or social behaviors
  • engages in behaviors that have a negative impact on student or community
  • becomes increasingly isolated, unkempt, irritable or disconnected
  • demonstrates an inability to care for oneself
  • persists in behavior and/or remains distressed following attempts made to be helpful
  • shows significant and marked changes in behavior or mood
  • expresses thoughts of suicide or other acts of self-harm
  • makes threats or displays aggression directed toward themself of others
  • displays other concerning behavior

If you have an immediate concern, you should contact Public Safety at 937-776-0660.

If you are unsure how to proceed, please contact to discuss further.