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Cooperative Education Faculty

Cooperative Education Advising 

The Co-op faculty takes an individualized approach to helping students consider their various options and pursue the opportunities they hope to attain. Each student is assigned a co-op advisor who meets with them one-on-one throughout their time at Antioch. They also work together as a team to support students, promote strategic skill development, and effectively communicate with partner organizations off-campus.

Over the course of four years, Co-op advisors help students position themselves for progressively challenging Co-op opportunities. They offer focused coursework and support students’ involvement in research efforts, interdisciplinary projects, and various community initiatives. Co-op faculty members also assist students with the development of long-term strategies so that they can steer themselves toward the career opportunities, graduate schools, or involvement with the communities of practice in which they hope to engage as they prepare for post-baccalaureate life.