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Pre-Professional Biomedical Science

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Students work with faculty advisors to devise self-designed majors. Coursework in the major builds upon students’ experiences in the general education curriculum while providing students with pathways to deepen their knowledge or further develop their passion in a particular area of study.

Pre-Med | Pre-Vet 
Pre-Pharm | Pre-Dental

“This experience allowed me to see first-hand how the medial system in Senegal really worked.”

Leander Niyokwizera ’18 (far left) completed his final Cooperative Education placement at L’hopital Philippe Maguilene Senghor in Senegal

Students interested in admission to dental, medical, veterinary, or pharmacy school are advised to pursue the Bachelor of Science degree. While students interested in this track will complete a degree heavy with coursework in biology, they must also develop a broad understanding of mathematics, chemistry, and general physics in order to be most successful.

Recommended Coursework


Biology and Chemistry

  • BIO 101 Principles of Biology

  • BIO 220 Introductory Molecular Biology and Genetics

  • BIO 230 General Microbiology

  • BIO 240 Zoology

  • BIO 360 Comparative Anatomy

  • BIO 370 Advanced Molecular Cell Biology

  • BIO 410 Integrative Physiology and Advanced Biochemistry

  • CHEM 105 General Chemistry I + Lab

  • CHEM 160 General Chemistry II + Lab

  • CHEM 205 Organic Chemistry I + Lab

  • CHEM 330 Organic Chemistry II + Lab

  • CHEM 340 Biochemistry



  • MATH 155 Calculus I
  • MATH 205 Inermediate Statistics


  • PHYS 160 General Physics I
  • PHYS 260 General Physics II

Research Courses

  • SCI 297 Independent Scientific Research
  • SCI 397 Advanced Scientific Research

Captsone Project

  • CAP 394 Capstone Preparation
  • CAP 450 Capstone Development
  • CAP 495 Capstone Project

Cooperative Education Field Placements

Students pursuing any pre-professional track are strongly encouraged to seek Co-op placements in related settings.

Faculty in Science and Mathematics