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Campus Housing Dates

Requesting Housing

Antioch students have a unique path academically and have opportunities to live on and off campus at different times based on their co-op logistics. When students are enrolled in a “study term”, they are expected to reside in campus housing. While enrolled in a “co-op term”, students can choose to reside on campus or off-campus. When taking a co-op outside of the local region, they obviously would not be in campus housing. Students are asked to communicate their plans for coming terms in advance so that we can plan housing assignments accordingly. Housing charges are for the entirety of the term.

While not in residence, student are expected to take their belongings with them. Students going away on co-op may have the ability to use limited campus storage for belongings they cannot take with them.

Students wishing to be exempted from the housing requirement must submit an Off-Campus Petition by the housing request deadline for that term.

Move-in & Check-In

Students are expected to follow published move-in dates. Students will be asked to sign up for a move-in time for each term to promote social distancing and avoid traffic jams.

Proper check-in means completing any required forms (housing agreement, room condition form, etc.) and picking up a room key. Room condition forms are vital as they help to protect students from being charged for damages they did not cause. Room condition forms are due within 48 hours of move-in.

Please note that early arrival groups (Resident Assistants, Orientation leaders, New Students, etc.) will receive communication about their specific early arrival dates via their Antioch email. The arrival dates for Fall 2023 are as follows:

  • Summer Living Program participants move to fall assignments – August 12-13
  • RA Move-in – Tuesday, August 15
  • OL Move-in – Sunday, August 20
  • New Student Move-in – Wednesday, August 23
  • Returning Student Move-in – Sunday, August 27

Move-out & Check-out

All students are expected to complete their move out by published hall closing dates for the term. This includes:

  • Sign up for a checkout with an RA 48 hours in advance of your intended checkout time.
  • Fully remove all personal belongings and trash from your assigned space and common spaces. (Do not donate to common spaces!)
  • Clean room surfaces and floor.
  • Close and lock windows.
  • Set thermostat to medium setting or 70 degrees.
  • Close and lock room door.
  • Complete checkout appointment with RA and return room key.
  • Exit building (you are now considered a guest in the building and should be escorted).

Students unable to complete a checkout appointment must complete an Express Checkout. Preparation of their space is the same but key return would be through an express checkout envelope and the key return box (both are by the building RA office).

Failure to follow these expectations can result in damage charges. Students will be notified of damage charges within 2 weeks of their move out. Students have 2 weeks from damage charge notice to submit a written appeal for any of the charges via email.

2023-2024 Academic Year Housing Dates

Housing Request Deadline
Housing Opens
Housing Closes
Housing Request Form
Housing Agreement
Room Condition Form
Fall 2023
5/26/2023 8/27/2023 11/12/2023 @ noon Fall 2023 Housing Preference Form
N/D Block 2023 **
10/13/2023 11/26/2023 12/23/2023 @ noon  
Winter Term 2024
10/13/2023 1/7/2024 3/24/2024 @ noon  
Spring Term 2024
2/23/2024 4/7/2024 6/23/2024 @ noon
J/A Block 2024 **
5/24/2024 7/7/2024 8/4/2024 @ noon      

Students will receive separate communication about housing requests for in-term or between-term break periods. Housing during these times is limited, carries additional charges, and may require consolidation/moves. Housing for Block periods (**) is limited, carries charges separate from regular academic terms, and may require housing consolidation/moves. Students are not permitted to keep belongings in housing spaces outside of their assigned dates; to do so will result in additional charges.