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June 9 - June 10

Getting To The Root: 2 Day Intensive Workshop on Racial Equity and Justice

June 25 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm EDT

Antioch College Commencement 2022

Antioch College Reunion July 14-17 2022

July 14 - July 17

Reunion 2022

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August 11 - August 12

Getting To The Root: 2 Day Intensive Workshop on Racial Equity and Justice


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Antiochiana – Songs from the Stacks: Excerpts from the Diary of William S. Johnson

Stacks sings a song of William S. Johnson, one of the very first students of Antioch College. Of course, that’s only partially correct; to be precise, Johnson was only ever a member of the Antioch Preparatory Department, and therefore a high school student with aspirations of entering the College. He only appears in Antioch College records during its first academic year, 1853-54. Due to a series of family misfortunes, especially the untimely deaths of three of his siblings within weeks of each other, he was never able to resume his studies. Though he was not an Antioch student for long, William Johnson left a remarkable record of that rather brief period in his life.

Johnson’s diary was donated to Antiochiana by his descendant, Frances Wooledge, in 2000. The following excerpt covers his decision to attend Antioch, which was in some ways an expression of his devotion to the founding denomination It also includes his first day on campus and his first month or so as a student.

Image of a historic course catalog

Excerpted from the Diary of William S. Johnson

I suppose I was put to work very young; as I cannot remember when I could not and did not work.  But I can remember very vividly the first day I ever went to school, which was (with the exception of three days, when I was three years old, but that I remember very well) a few weeks after we moved to Warren Co. (I will hereafter say Franklin; for the sake of brevity)  I remember those scenes, almost as though it was yesterday; and in fact at most every step taken in my progress of study which was slow, because so little opportunity for going to school; but rapid for the chance.  I continued to go more or less every winter- seldom at any other time untill I was of age.

Untill about the age of sixteen or seventeen I thought and cared for little about an Education.  About this time my oldest brother had a share in the Springboro Library and was reading books obtained there.

By his reading taking to me for that purpose, there was an interest excited, and I went to reading. [This sentence is as written in journal]

I think I might in justice make one remark here; that is this, that I believe now, the first thing that caused me to commence reading was the perusal of that romance “Alonzo and Malissa” [Melissa].  This was the first book I ever read through.  There are some persons who are very hard, yes down, on the reading of such “trash” as they call it; and as a general thing I don’t know but that they are right; but I think there are some that may be read with impunity, and with profit.

(2) Speaking of these Library Books, I was going on to say when an interest was once excited, I sought every opportunity to read that I could.  When ever my brother was not reading I was sure to have the book.  It so happened one day that he sent me to take the book we had, home and get another.  In selecting, I accidentally got hold of one of O. S. Fowler’s works, I think it was “Heridtary Decent(sic)”.  I took it and perused it carefully and with profit.  From the time that my “mind was waked up” I had a great desire to know something about the human constitution; both physically and mentally.  This book then just suited my taste as well as many others, that is books of his publication have since that time.  I also had a great desire to be a teacher; and desired my parents to let me go to school for that purpose; but they thought I was not calculated for that; and, in fact, for anything, but to work.

As I could not get to school, I embraced every opportunity for reading that I could get, reading in summer at noon, while the horses rested and the boys were playing marbles, pitching horse shoes, or sleeping.

Monroe June 20th, 1853

There has been quite a change in affairs within a few days.  During the preceeding(sic) week, Mr. and Mrs. King, the persons with whom I was boarding, both took sick so that they had to break up their Boarding House.  Mr. King was also Principal of the Presbyterian Academy, and in consequence of this sickness his school was broke up six weeks before it was to have been out.  I have four weeks to teach yet.  I wish it was out now.  I am getting tired.  I don’t know just what I shall do yet; but without I should get to likeing(sic) it better than I do just now, I think I will hardly teach anymore.

It has been my intention to go to Antioch College, at Yellow Springs, as soon as it was opened.  Sometimes I thought of taking a regular course; at other times, only a partial one.  But within the last few days I have been turning my thoughts in a new direction; in compliance with a request of my father, to go to a Commercial School or College and study Book keeping.  (14) I have gone back to town again, the same place where I boarded the first quarter I taught.

Antioch College campus 1860

Antioch College
Oct. 9th 1853
First day in Antioch.

This College was dedicated Oct 5th, 1853 the examination of students commenced the next day after dedication; but in consequence of some business not necessary to mention, I had to return home; made preparations; and came back on saturday Oct 8th, on the nine o’clock train.  Sunday, today, is my first day in Antioch.  We had breakfast at 7 1/2 o’clock.  At ten o’clock, we all, that is all the students, together with many other friends assembled in the Chapel for public worship.

Professor Mann, Doherty, Holmes, Pennell and McKinney were present together with many others I did not know.  We were addressed by Prof. Doherty in an able and an applicable manner.

Dined at 1 1/2 o’clock.  I then visited several of the student’s rooms.  During the afternoon, we took a walk to the yellow(16) Springs and also to the village by that name.

Nov 4th, 1853

After this long interval I will write a few lines more.  There are something over two hundred students present now.  All except a few who compose the Freshman class, were separated into four classes, after an examination, according to the ability of each.  I was put in the second division, But did not remain there long till I was promoted to the first, in which I am at present.  I am studying Reading, including composition and declamation, arithmetic, English and Latin.  I have been here now near a month which time has passed off like lightning almost, seemingly.  The Profs are all kind and good, and the students all sociable and friendly.  Under these circumstances, how could any one help being satisfied; indeed this seems to me, to be the most pleasant period in all my life.

Nov 5th

Another anniversary of the day on which I first opened my eyes to life, in this beautiful world, has come.  Another year has flown and I still find myself on this side of eternity; enjoying the gracious blessings and mercies of the Great Father of our Spirits.  Oh! How merciful art thou O God! to us.  We deserve nothing from thy hand, yet thou art continually pouring out blessing upon blessing upon us.  O God grant that our souls may thirst after rightiousness(sic), for we know that they will be filled, if we thirst a right.  O! Animate our souls with the spirit that animated the blessed Christ.

This evening, by and through my influence a meeting of several of the students, was held in my room, for the purpose of organizing a Students prayer meeting in Antioch College.  We appointed a meeting for (17) tomorrow evening coming, to be held somewhere in the main college building.  I was annominated(sic) to confer with the Faculty about it and to solicit a room for that purpose.  Nov 7th  I spoke to the President Hon. Horace Mann yesterday morning and obtained the privilege of holding our meetings in the Lecture room.  Last evening we met according to appointment, at 7 1/4 o’clock .  Profs Holmes and McKinney were present and opened the meeting by leading in prayer, followed with some appropriate remarks.

Nov 18th 

Another week has flown, on the rapid wings of time.  All goes on smoothe(sic) and nice.  After this I design writing in this book, all or nearly the sentences we write, for future reference.  We have to write almost daily, sentences on our English grammar lesson, Prof McKinney Teacher.

The following are some on yesterday’s lesson viz:

No.1 “The pure minded man will look upon all the works of the Creator with feelings of sublimity and adoration, because of the goodness of God.”

1. “The True Christian loves God and keeps his commandments.”

2. “For we are commanded to love and pray for our enemies.”

3. “The man who professes true greatness of mind will never stoop to do a mean act.”

4. “Our Teacher is kind and affectionate toward his pupils.”

5. “The slave works hard, toils and sweats for the benifit(sic) of his master.”

Sentences continued .                   Antioch College Dec 3, 1853

7. The tones of the flute are sweet and melodious.

The same tree may produce both sweet, and sour apples; so, in like manner, the same person may manifest good and bad qualities.

(18) 9. The industrious husbandman toils early and late.

10. The good and bad alike, are helped with rain.

11. We see the goodness and mercy of the Creator, manifested in all His works; in the material, as well as immaterial works.

A Buffalo Grazing: The Well-dressed Antiochian

Bike riders lined up for Camelot 2022

The Well-dressed Antiochian
by Duffy ’77
Photos: Steve Duffy & Tamisha Reyes

Antioch College students continually work with learning how to be their true authentic selves while they work on their future potential victories for humanity, as many of YOU already have done. The current students also want to know as much about pre-closure Antioch as they can and yet put their own evolutionary twists on some “traditions”.

Even though we are rather non-traditional in the larger universe maybe there is comfort and stability in knowing that some events are predictably traditional. Freshman orientation, your first co-op, (now followed by oral co-op swap presentations in 113 McGregor), ComCIL and other elections, Community Meetings, Div Dance and eventually Graduation. A new twist right before graduation is Colloquia where graduates orally present their work and are open for questions and comments.

Antioch students study and “work” hard so it is ever so natural that at times they also play hard. With some rumor, legend and probably some trips to see Scott Sanders in Antiochiana, students must have figured out that they wished to re-imagine the old Camelot Bike Race which happened in May for many decades. So, for the past few years there has been a re-incarnated, re-imagined race. Maybe we shouldn’t say re-in”carn-ated” as the Race has now been deemed organic and vegan.

Compost for Camelot 2022

Although the Camelot Bike Race goes back many decades I somehow had never been to any until the past two years. Camelot is a race of 100 laps in the horseshoe by Main Building. In days of yore it was large and tumultuous with straw bales here and there in case people took a spill. Nurse Barb and Maples were vigilant just in case of the worst. Camelot also has traditionally been somewhat of an obstacle course…with the obstacles being “things” hurled at the contestants. Legend says that at intervals gross animal related products and more were hurled. The new generation has decided that only compostable items would be hurled at the riders by people who have volunteered to be “Throwers”.

I arrived fairly early to check things out. There were various buckets of organic matter in various stages in their voyage towards compost. Some students had gone dumpster diving behind a local Aldi’s, known to have only organic produce. So there were rotten tomatoes, ancient oranges, romaine lettuce, potatoes! By the way, the Camelot Bike Race gets a Rotten Tomato score of 100%! Autumn leaves and more were in other buckets.

The participants slowly gathered. Some wore creative costumes. One rider looked like a combination of Groucho Marx and Abraham Lincoln with his “steed” covered in red, white and blue bunting. (One guesses each rider’s bike is their steed and also has a name.) Riding teams rode in pairs and had names like “The Second Coming”. I do not know if they were second in the race or not!

Racer in costume for Camelot 2022

A student with a super loud megaphone announced the start of the race and then cheered the riders on. Sometimes Antioch has ambiguous amounts of organized chaos at an event. The student with the megaphone reminded people of some of the rules…which included that the race was on the honor system and one had to keep track of their own number of laps.

As the race began Michael Casselli ’87 also popped up. We sat on the back steps of the Main Building in front of the speaker that played an eclectic mix of racy music, The Gits, Frank Zappa, Michael Jackson, DMX and more. Soon the throwers got busy. Tomatoes, compost tea and gluten-free flour were flying. Flower children or flour children? Some folks had on ponchos…a multi-purposed moment as it was that kind of chilly May day where it would rain at any minute. It mostly rained compost tea! The person behind the megaphone reminded the throwers to be kind and aim the potatoes toward the lower extremities. One rider did take a spill and suffered a bloody knee but other than that was okay. As the race headed toward its final laps, some kind of bulk vinaigrette was tossed at the riders! So just about everyone was wearing some kind of salad ingredients and with the final touch of that vinaigrette one might say they were certainly well-dressed Antiochians in more than one way.

Camelot 2022 Winners

Finally a pair of winners finished and then the others. Everyone was wet and smelled like old produce and vinegar but everyone seemed happy.  Everyone got a Camelot Tee (after being pelted with Camelot Compost Tea!) In true post-race fashion endorphins were everywhere! As the race and celebration ended folks were reminded to clean up what they could. One imagines chipmunks and the like finished whatever wasn’t cleaned up.

At one point in the race Michael Casselli had a student in their own creative poncho do laps further away in the horseshoe…maybe as a performance art ghost rider from the past.

Camelot participants on the steps of Main Hall

If you feel like you have been doing your own race in life with everything being hurled at you perhaps you might think about coming to the 2022 in-person Reunion. Probably the only things to be thrown around will be ideas for the present and future and stories of the past. There is a cap of 250 this year because of COVID concerns so if you are thinking of coming please do not be part of the procrastination nation. Travel and more seems so expensive but Antiochians are creative so I imagine people will get here in one way or another and it will be great to be with each other. It may cost more to get here but the price of being here and seeing old friends…priceless.

Video: Rosemarie Compton ’24

Vanessa Cubano Hired as Vice President for Advancement

Further Positive News About the College’s Plan for the Future

Yellow Springs, Ohio, 5/4/22 — Antioch College has hired Vanessa Cubano as its new vice president for advancement. Ms. Cubano, along with the first class of new students upon the College’s reopening, has been a member of the Antioch community since 2011. She has served in various roles, including most recently as the Interim Director of Advancement. Vanessa brings a passion for furthering the purpose-driven mission of Antioch College and continuing to build upon its positive momentum. Her enthusiasm and dedication to Antioch is palpable and infectious. Ms. Cubano has a Master’s in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s in Technical Project Management. Her skills and experience are a vital asset to Antioch College.

“I feel immense gratitude as I step into a role that I have been guided towards over the past 10 years of dedication to the mission and vision that Antioch holds,” states Cubano. “I look forward to reconnecting with and re-energizing those who I have worked with in both the alumni and community of Antioch supporters.”

Dr. Jane Fernandes, president of Antioch College, shares “Advancement work is about developing trust and relationships. Vanessa’s understanding of how relationships and shared values inform strategic, mindful philanthropy programs, and her commitment to helping all students share in the promise of higher education, make her a great fit for Antioch.”

President Jane Fernandes (left) and Vice President for Advancement Vanessa Cubano

Earth Day 2022 Message from Dr. Kim Landsbergen

As we celebrate Earth Day 2022 on our “Pale Blue Dot”, as Carl Sagan would say, it is a time to reflect on many of the environmental challenges happening in our state, country, and across the world. The two most dramatic and dangerous challenges that are foremost in my mind are (1) Global Warming and (2) The Russian invasion of Ukraine. At the heart of both of these disasters is a greenwashing Fossil Fuel industry pushing our global addiction to fossil fuels of all forms while encouraging energy consumption. These intertwined issues are a eco-geo-political Gordian knot we must slice through.

At this moment, the fracking fossil gas industry poses itself as a hero for our times to provide countries relief from Russian fossil fuel dependence. As the Russian Invasion moves on, cries for Climate Change action have been erased and ignored. These crises, together with the Pandemic, provide us with an historic moment to self-evaluate, imagine a better world, and work for it.  We must recognize and seize this opportunity.

Antioch College has a long history of working for social justice and environmental sustainability. And we also have a complicated past, with a major benefactor whose inventions helped accelerate automobile usage in the 20th century. Where are we now?  Since re-opening, our campus has been re-developed as a showplace for renewable energy, with 2 LEED-certified buildings (North Hall, and the Arts and Sciences building). We have multiple forms of renewable energy on our campus (solar, geothermal fields), and we purchase electricity from Yellow Springs, a town committed to providing 100% renewable energy. This and many more of our accomplishments have been nationally recognized by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) and our track record has been inventoried here in our STARS report, where we earned “silver” level recognition for our accomplishments. On account of this we are recognized in the Princeton Green Guide, and also Sierra Club’s “Cool Schools”.

Our College curriculum has many courses that connect to environmental science, sustainability, political ecology, environmental justice, and more. All Antioch students are required to take at least one sustainability-tagged course in their self-designed majors, and many of our faculty teach these courses across many disciplines. There are a plethora of co-op opportunities that students can pursue that allow them to live and work in ecology- and sustainability-related jobs. Two academic focus programs are under development this spring: one in Sustainability and another in Sustainable Food Systems. Our Antioch Farm has new leadership under Farm Manager Bruce Linebaugh. The Farm has renewed energy with generous donations of funds and volunteer time. Our farm infrastructure is being updated (hoop houses, greenhouse, and more), and we aim to greatly increase our food production and our already nationally recognized Farm-to-Table food program.

Where do we go from here? Antioch College isn’t resting on its laurels. As our campus engages in a strategic planning process with new campus leadership, we have an opportunity to raise the bar further and envision sustainability and environmental leadership as increasingly important campus values. And we can all engage more, use less, contact our elected leadership, and continue to fight like hell for peace, justice, and Mother Earth. There is no “silver bullet” for climate change action; we must do what we can, where we can, and not give up.

– Kim Landsbergen Ph.D., Certified Senior Ecologist**
Associate Professor of Biology and Environmental Science
Science Division Chair
Antioch College
1 Morgan Place, Yellow Springs OH 45387

** and sometimes seen as “Count Frackula” at protests

Additional reading and resources:

Project Drawdown –

Take on climate change at home and cut carbon emissions –

Images courtesy of Dr. Kim Landsbergen and Bruce Linebaugh

Antioch Farm Pollenators
All pipelines leak. All markets peak. End the extraction economy!
Antioch Farm Pollenators
Chickens on the Antioch Farm
Bruce at the Antioch Farm Greenhouse
Planting at the Antioch Farm
Extra help on the Antioch Farm
Count Fracula

Honor Code

Antioch College is a community dedicated to the search for truth, the development of individual potential, and the pursuit of social justice. In order to fulfill our objectives, freedom must be matched by responsibility.

As a member of the Antioch College Community, I affirm that I will be honest and respectful in all my relationships, and I will advance these standards of behavior in others.

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