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Jennifer Grubbs

Associate Professor of Anthropology

Office: 937-319-0075
Location: 223 McGregor Hall


Dr. Jennifer Grubbs is a enviro-feminist anthropologist in the Department of Anthropology at Antioch College. Dr. Grubbs earned her doctorate from American University in Washington, D.C., in Anthropology, specializing in Race, Gender, and Social Justice, where her work examined the creative and confrontational ways in which activists co-create identities of resistance within neoliberal capitalism to dismantle ecological and species hierarchies through the spectacle of protest. She comes to Antioch College after serving as the Assistant Director of the Women’s Studies Program and Visiting Assistant Professor at East Tennessee State University.  At ETSU, Dr. Grubbs developed courses through a transdisicplinary lens that addressed a range of topics including antiracist social justice, popular culture, global feminism, and speciesism. She has published her work in a variety of venues, both academic and public, including two documentary storytelling projects based in the Washington, D.C. area. Dr. Grubbs has conducted ethnographic work with environmental and animal advocacy movements based in North America, immigration-support communities in rural Virginia, and with Holocaust survivors residing in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her current research bridges feminist anthropology, environmental communication, and queer studies, both in method and application, through an examination of representations of race, gender, and sexuality as it connects to species in the U.S. Dr. Grubbs is interested in deconstructing the interconnected hierarchies that are used to naturalize and perpetuate systems of violence through a critical media lens. Her courses foster a unique experience by incorporating a range of technologies and voices that encourage critical thinking through discussion.



Ph.D. in Anthropology with Specialization in Race, Gender, and Social Justice, American University

  • Dissertation: Queer(ey)ing the Ecoterrorist: Neoliberal Capitalism, Political Repression as Discipline, and the Spectacle of Direct Action. Committee: Dr. Daniel O. Sayers (Chair), Dr. William Leap, Dr. Stephen Depoe

M.A. in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, University of Cincinnati

  • MA Thesis: “The Intersectionality of Oppression: The Inclusion of Speciesism.” Committee: Dr. Lisa Hogeland (Chair), Dr. Adrian Parr, Dr. Jane Anderson, Dr. Elizabeth Farians

M.A. in Communication, University of Cincinnati

  • MA Thesis: “Farm Sanctuary: Creating a Space Where Theory Meets Practice.” Committee: Dr. Stephen Depoe (Chair), Dr. James Crocker-Lakness, Dr. Michael J. Woeste

B.A. in Communication, University of Cincinnati