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Natalie Suzelis

Assistant Professor of Literature

Jane Fernandes

President of the College

Robin Littell

Assistant Professor of Writing and Composition

Lara Mitias

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Rahul Nair

Assistant Professor of History

Amy Osborne

Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Quantitative Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning Program Chair

Luisa Bieri Rios

Associate Professor of Cooperative Education, Community Arts, and Performance

Hassan Rahmanian

Faculty Emeritus, Presidential Professor of Political Economy

Beth Bridgeman

Associate Professor of Cooperative Education and Sustainable Practice

Dean Snyder

Assistant Professor of Political Economy

Forest Bright

Assistant Professor of Visual Arts

Brooke Blackmon Bryan

Dean of Cooperative, Experiential, and International Education; Associate Professor of Writing, Aesthetics & Digital Studies

Cary Campbell

Associate Professor of French Language and Culture

Michael Casselli ’87

Assistant Professor of Sculpture and Installation, Faculty Trustee, Interim Creative Director

Didier Franco

Associate Professor of Spanish Language and Culture

Jennifer Grubbs

Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Catalina Jordan Alvarez

Assistant Professor of Media Arts

Kim Landsbergen

Associate Professor of Biology and Environmental Science

Kevin McGruder

Associate Professor of History

Scott Millen

Assistant Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Richard Kraince

Associate Professor of Cooperative Education

David Kammler

Vice President for Academic Affairs and Associate Professor of Chemistry